Vuze (Azureus 3.0) – Next Gen P2P Application

azureus.png“Next generation P2P Application”, Thats what they say about Azureus 3.0 Well I know this is not so news, But I happened to discover this very recently due to few reasons.. I was not a major Azureus Fan after all.. I was using utorrent for all my p2p downloads.. for many reasons I loved uTorrent.. for its light lightnes, the fancy progress charts, Statistic GUIs and the user friendliness.

When I was back there home.. I ran utorrent in my WinXp Pro Desktop and it was working really fine..but later i came to Germany I install uTorrent to my notebook but I encountered a browsing problem while utorrent running.. I could not even go to Google home page even when no torrent is downloading.. so when i browse the torrent client had to be stopped.

After googling for some time i found some fixes..(by Lowering net.max_halfopen to 4) ..yet I was not happy so i thought of trying something new.. I tried BitCommet..since its developed useing C++ and also light weighted, But I disliked its appearances.. So finally I thought of trying Azureus.. I have used Azureus for a short while in my Linux box when it was in its 2.x ages.. and it was looking good although it eats up alot of system memory.. well yeah Its a Java application I have to accept that fact..

So i downloaded and it said Vuze (Azureus 3.0)…. I installed it…And Now what the heck is this.. Its looking so colorful so bright having a Cristal bluish UI..and it was truly amazing.. What i did first is to go back to its download site and double check whether its the official Azureus Version.. and yeah no mistake there.. The new Azureus version is bundled with the Vuze Skin making the whole application very much eye catching.. While keeping all its old 2.x features the application is being more aimed on entertainment which is very nice and interesting. It almost forgets or makes its memory usage a minor problem.


So this post is not for the Loyal Azureus Users.. I know they already use this.. this post is for the people who are using other torrent clients.. I think its worthy to check the new Azureus.. !! and to decide whether it is the next generation P2P Application is all up to you…


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