UNIX / LINUX based Client & a Server application

Okey so am writing after some time about some valuable thing !! This is about some thing I happened to do as an assignment for one of my degree modules (Network Application Development). The Assignment is to implement a server and a client using both TCP and UDP. The functionalities expected were, a centralized server which keeps records of the online connected buddies in the network (Subscription) Continue reading UNIX / LINUX based Client & a Server application


Firefly theme song – Ballad of Serenity

After the break of the hectic exam fever, and with some days of good sleep I was digging the imdb and isohunt for some good movies. I suddenly realized that i wanted to find a song which happened to hear while watching the TV series firefly. I wanted to find this song and listen more clearly so I was googling for sometime and yeah i found it. The song is more or less a chorus, a chorus with a passion. So i was thinking why isn’t there a complete song for this. so I started Digging for a complete version of the ballad of serenity.

If i say few words about firefly and serenity. the 1st is the TV series and the 2nd is the Movie on that. This storyline is something not ordinary. It shows the future with all the ancient technology, and that where it catches the viewer. A huge spaceship with an ancient like engine, Gunfights among cowboys like people. its all so nicely done where you find a future with amusement.

Anyhow yeas I found it. I found the complete song. the song is written by Michelle Dockery, (2004) but the owner of the chorus is Joss Whedon (2002). Meaning that Michelle Dockery had composed a song for the ballad of serenity. the song is originally named as Mel’s Song.

with the post am sharing both the ballad and the complete song because i myself feel that the ballad has some hidden passion and the song is bit deferent on the feeling you get. how ever both are great piece of art.

Download ballad of serenity

Download Mal’s Song