Multi-tenant healthcare information systems integration

hcsa.002Scenario: A single healthcare information system needs to be exposed for different healthcare providers (hospitals). The system need to pass HL7 messages that comes via HTTP (API calls) to a HL7 receiver, (over tcp) reliably

TODO: Enable HL7 transport senders in axis2.xml & axis2_blocking_client.xml in WSO2 ESB
following config shows the ESB configuration for tenant

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitions xmlns="">
<registry provider="org.wso2.carbon.mediation.registry.WSO2Registry"/>
<sequence name="hl7callout">
<callout serviceURL="hl7://localhost:9988">
<source type="envelope"/>
<target key="mssage"/>
<sequence name="hl7msgstore">
<log level="full"/>
<store messageStore="JMSMSIU"/>
<payloadFactory media-type="xml">
<response xmlns="">HL7 Message Queued For Processing</response>
<sequence name="fault">
<log level="full"/>
<sequence name="main">
<messageStore class=""
<parameter name="java.naming.factory.initial">org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory</parameter>
<parameter name="java.naming.provider.url">tcp://localhost:61616</parameter>
<parameter name="store.jms.destination"></parameter>
<parameter name="store.jms.JMSSpecVersion">1.1</parameter>
<messageProcessor class="org.apache.synapse.message.processor.impl.sampler.SamplingProcessor"
<parameter name="interval">1000</parameter>
<parameter name="sequence">hl7callout</parameter>
<parameter name="concurrency">1</parameter>
<parameter name="">true</parameter>
<api name="healthmsgapi" context="/t/">
<resource methods="POST" inSequence="hl7msgstore"/>

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