Facebook never really remove your pictures, even you removed them from your profile

I did a small test today; I checked out the actual “img src” link of a picture in my facebook profile, and kept is saved. I deleted the picture from my profile and again checked the link I saved via the “img src”, and freakishly its still available.

I don’t know if this is temporal, maybe it takes time to update the cache (hmmm whats up with that too 😉 ). Anyways what does this mean ?? Frankly I don’t know, but whats up with data protection policies and the free will ?? !@#$%^&


Long distance traveling tips ;)

Recently I had to travel to US for work related matters, and found that traveling to the other side of the world is a “Pain in the ass”, On my 1st trip, I was quite excited, I haven’t been on a flight for more than 6 – 8 hours and by simply knowing that trip to US takes almost 30 hours made me pack more and more stuff for the journey itself (and seriously thats a bad idea).

So my second trip to US couple of day back, I knew whats coming and tried to make it far better than the previous. So here are the tips:

  1. Try to check-in early as possible (via on-line if possible) and catch an aisle seat in your flight.
  2. Don’t wear heavy uneasy cloths. (shorts, linen pants and t-shirts helps alot)
  3. Wear sandals if thats an option (Most security checkpoints in many airports ask you to remove your shoes and scan them 😛 so sandals do help)
  4. Carry only a backpack (check-in all your heavy bags as luggage)
  5. Take your laptop/ipad with you it helps to kill time in transit (or a book if thats your thing)