JSF, Spring together with apache CXF

Good tutorials and resources on Apache CXF How Tos are not easy to digg. I had to spend hours searching and reading to make my small application up and running, Integrating Spring with JSF was pretty straightforward, but when it comes to integrating those two with JSF i got stuck.

So this post is about exposing a web service as a web project using JSF front end / Spring backed and CXF for service invocation

before starting I should mention few valuable resource around the net.

The web service u used was the publicly available spelling checker which is used in the netbeans tutorial.

The Step by step guide as follows >>

Step 1 :

Create the classes from the WSDL you can use netbeans for this task or WSDL2JAVA command (wsdl2java [URL]) in the shell.

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It’s been a while. Didn’t have time to blog or rather didn’t have much to blog about. Its the final university year, work is crazy. Too much report writing, formatting references 🙂 and researching about almost everything related to IT. I started my thesis, and was super busy with catching up all those new technologies, testing and code cutting. well its all about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) yeahhh its hot stuff around these days, and mine was to introduce a better architecture with new technologies for public infrastructure re-engineering and service governance.

So yeah guess I will be posting on SOA for a while, and yeah mostly JAVA stuff. 🙂