It rained after a very long time :)

This is my 1st post after 15th February. I was away from most of things i was doing and was doing some serious thinking. Had to take some important decisions in my life. I realized everything around me is so rapidly changing, and above all shockingly i have been changed. Well yeah this post is also a crappy post with no much importance, but well thought of writing something before i go to my usual articles from tomorrow onwards (Hopefully 🙂 ) After all its my own blog, and am not making money out of this. so its my world i write all what i want. 🙂

I finished my Internship in Germany and am back in Sri Lanka, enjoying the warm weather 🙂 , mocking at politics, freaked out about the inflation and of cause surviving from the random blasts, Then again its home, no place like home isn’t it? At the moment am entirely jobless, not doing anything productive. sleeping most of the time (Dreaming 🙂 ). Oh but soon after i came i wanted to fix a nice geeky work station to start my University final year with. Yeah so last week i bought a nice 19inch Wide screen LCD, a comfortable MD chair and resembled my old PC with some new pieces. so now it looks neat and looking hot and with all theHAHOO about the Original Software I just switched to Ubuntu hardy without a hesitation. so yeah now am 100% Linux. hope I’ll stay that way.

work station
So yeah I don’t intend to write much about myself, as i said i took some important decisions which is more or less life changing (maybe a bit life threatening too at the moment, yet am really happy about how everything turned out to be). So finally what i really want to do now is to scream out so loud, SO LOUD AND SAY HOW HAPPY I AM.

cheers !!