Back once again !!!

well i guess am writing a post after June 13th (luckily the date is shown below..) ever since my last post loads of things or rather changers took place. My team lost in both imagine cup entries in the final round.. I don’t have to write about it allover again.. because you can get the full story in many blogs, appears in my blogroll.. I had my second year final exams.. and did it with out any preparation… and at last headed to Germany for my one year Internship… So here I am writing my 1st blog post after a while from Munich, Germany.
Things have changed ever since last June.. missing home alot.. My beloved friends & Family… anyhow am enjoying the work out here.. working in one of the software arms of BMW (F.A.S.T GmbH), developing location base applications for mobile phones using JAVA / J2ME.. work is pretty fun.. the main thing is the freedom i have in the company.. the work environment is truly amazing..

How fascinating the life is… few months ago i never had an idea in going abroad.. well i wanted a change.. wanted to go somewhere and work well..and experience a some new ness’.. but i ended up with a total new ness’ which i never dreamed before..

Just thought of writing something about me and the reason i couldn’t blog.. well this post is totally useless i know.. so am hoping to write something useful later today. So let me say welcome back…


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