Is it AJAX or FLASH ?

Today I was integrating some eye catching AJAX effects to one of the web sites I was developing, and one of my friend Told me “Nice Flash Effect”….. I smiled for a moment and thought it really is…

AJAX is Growing So fast that I feel sooner it will beet Macromedia FLASH animation what you include in your website. There are many AJAX frame works available to take use of and play with some great Javascript effects. What I was Using today for this perticular site is Adobe Spry framework , simply designed with great animations. This framework is so much trying to catch the flash like effects. It’s a wonderful situation that Current owners of Macromedia is doing such a thing and making the 1st move…


2 thoughts on “Is it AJAX or FLASH ?”

  1. First of all Flash did all the things AJAX do now back in 2001. And no matter what AJAX do it can’t replace Flash 100% . the things we do are the very minor things in flash. You can’t replace the Streaming engine flash have right now. But one thing i agree it can replace translation effects and most of the DHTML stuff.


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