AcSO version 1.0 Beta is released for Microsoft Imagine Cup

As my fellow team mate kasun had blogged… yeah after some long sleepless nights, we finally, able to produce a functional version of our great idea, “All in One” . AcSO is our web development entry for Microsoft Imagine Cup now competing on the second round. Why am saying its version 1.0 and Beta because, there are many more features yet to add in it., to achieve our All In One goal. How ever if it gets in to the final six, (as I think it will :)) you will see the next generation academic organizer, another great web 2.0 work.

you can vist AcSO on :

Great work Team Enterprise !!!


Again we are recognized as the world’s 11th

For the proposal we have submitted under the category of web development (The earlier post was about Software design Category) we were ranked as the world’s 11th. this is done using community voting process inĀ  the imagine cup community. It is time to compete for the second round developing our idea of AcSO (Academic status organizer).

Thanking you all for the support.