Meet me at WSO2Con 2011

WSO2Con 2011 is a technical and IT-Biz conference organized by WSO2 inc, and 2011 is its second consecutive time. Last year the conference concluded grandly and it discussed many technical topics such as enterprise computing, cloud, web services security, enterprise data etc. It concluded with a great panel discussion on the topic “A Walk Down Memory Lane: XML, Web Services & SOA from 1990 to 2010” and the panelists were some of the renowned personalities in XML Web services space.

So the conference is back this year, and it will be on September 12th to 16th at Waters Edge Colombo, There will be two tutorial sessions (12th and 16th) and the conference will span for three days (13th, 14th and 15th). The agenda was recently announced officially, and it surely looks interesting. I guess if you are into Distributed Computing, SOA and Cloud this would be the right place to and the event to be apart of.


Also am quite proud to blog about that I will also be one of the speakers in the 2011 conference, The topic I submitted was “User interfaces in distributed environments” and later I altered it to “Users: The SOA Last Mile” to make it broader.

Main reason for this topic is that I have done some resent work close to the Users of information systems and about delivering information to users effectively and efficiently, I believe I can talk about it, and maybe give some insight about How important the “Last Mile” is. Anyhow I don’t wona write about What I will be talking, coz mainly its still a blank paper for me too πŸ˜€

So yeah what I wanted to say is that WSO2Con will be happening on September in Colombo, and I have no doubt that it will be one great tech Conf with a great set of talks and workshops, so hope to see you there soon !!!


Twitter is killing the blogger in me

Well its been awhile; I was ashamed to look at my blog. I used to blog more often, about something came up to my mind or something interesting I have done. But for few months I didn’t even look at my blog. Okey so am trying to reason it out here.

For me writing is like meditating, its wired that I couldn’t find one solid peaceful half an hour for last couple of months. Anyhow I was thinking, if I should close down the blog; and forget about it all to gather. It was not that I wasn’t doing anything interesting, or that I didn’t wona share what I found. Its simply I was busy (Very busy πŸ™‚ ) and I had a social media at my disposal where I can share my thoughts in 140 characters.


Yeah so I guess twitter is the culprit. :P, I found some interesting reads at merebagatelle and at shanenickerson; second one is funny and if you tweet alot you know its quite true πŸ™‚

Any ho, I wont abandon the blog; guess I cant; its like my identity on the web, Ill find some time, and before I ruin the idea on twitter I’ll try to write a blog and tweet that for a change.


WSO2 Gadget Server 1.3.0 is out with a bunch of awaited features

This is a short post aiming to notify the new features of WSO2 Gadget Server 1.3.0 which was released recently. The product is popular among the community as a gadget rendering platform, which provides a presentation layer for heterogeneous enterprise services based on Google Gadgets Specification and Apache Shindig. As an enterprise presentation product, the Gadget server is now fully fledged with number of awaited features such as,

And some of the important features of WSO2 Gadget Server are,

Try out The Gadget Server 1.3.0, and provide your feedback to make it better and brighter. You can provide feedback, report bugs and join in with architectural discussions at any of WSO2 public lists and also you can have a better understanding via going through many articles at WSO2 Oxygen tank.

Introduction to Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics (ME) can be broadly defined as the study of economic theories, logic and tools of economic analysis which are used in the process of business decision making. Many literature identifies “economics” as a social science, which studies human behavior in relation of available resource consumption, hence study of managerial economics is identified timely with growing complexities of business decision making.

At present, the study of ME follows the approach of neo-classical economics, where it identifies several features such as small government, rational man (doesn’t wish to loose in any way), optimization, economic efficiency, dynamic general equilibrium and the use of quantitative techniques. The study also accounts individuals, family, households, firms, financial intermediaries, government, international organizations and NGOs as economic agents.

Managerial Economics identifies various approaches to analyze management problems of a business, among which, revenue of the firm, costs of the firm, profit maximization, economic profits, opportunity cost and present value stands significant.

In Managerial Economics, value of a firm is determined by,Where, value of i depends on involved risk of the firm and conditions in capital market, value of TR depends on demand and forecasting, pricing and new product development, value of TC depends on production techniques, cost functions and process development.

And finally adding to the introduction, the scope of ME includes, demand analysis & forecasting, resource allocation, production & cost analysis, competitive analysis, pricing and strategic planing.

{HowTo} WSO2 Carbon Server logs to be stored in a database

Thought of documenting this for my own reference, hope this will help. I am also planing to make a knowledge base article out of it to be posted in WSO2 Oxygen Tank.

As you may know, if your are familiar with Log4j, that the logs created with it, can be stored in a database instead of a file. In order to do that you need to add few configuration values to the file.

In-terms of a WSO2 Carbon based server this properties file resides in CARBON_HOME/lib directory. before adding these configurations there are few steps to visit.

[1]Β Create database {LOG_DB}
[2] Create the log table Β {LOGGING} with the following fields

create table LOGGING (
             id decimal NOT NULL,
             prio varchar(15),
             cat varchar(255),
             thread varchar(30),
             msg varchar(255),
             layout_msg varchar(255),
             throwable varchar(2000),
             the_timestamp timestamp);

[3] Create a user and assign to the DB

           {user: logger / pwd: logger}

[4] Copy jdbcappender.jar to {CARBON_HOME}/lib and {CARBON_HOME}/repository/components/lib along with the database driver

           {jdbcappender.jar can be found at}

Thats it. All preconditions are set, Now open up the file and add the following appender settings to the end.

#log to db appender
log4j.appender.DB_APPENDER.sql=INSERT INTO LOGGING (id, prio, cat, thread, msg, layout_msg, throwable, 
the_timestamp) VALUES (@INC@, '@PRIO@', '@CAT@', '@THREAD@', '@MSG@', '@LAYOUT:1@', '@THROWABLE@', '@TIMESTAMP@')

Scroll to log4j.rootLogger and add the appender to the list,


Long distance traveling tips ;)

Recently I had to travel to US for work related matters, and found that traveling to the other side of the world is a “Pain in the ass”, On my 1st trip, I was quite excited, I haven’t been on a flight for more than 6 – 8 hours and by simply knowing that trip to US takes almost 30 hours made me pack more and more stuff for the journey itself (and seriously thats a bad idea).

So my second trip to US couple of day back, I knew whats coming and tried to make it far better than the previous. So here are the tips:

  1. Try to check-in early as possible (via on-line if possible) and catch an aisle seat in your flight.
  2. Don’t wear heavy uneasy cloths. (shorts, linen pants and t-shirts helps alot)
  3. Wear sandals if thats an option (Most security checkpoints in many airports ask you to remove your shoes and scan them πŸ˜› so sandals do help)
  4. Carry only a backpack (check-in all your heavy bags as luggage)
  5. Take your laptop/ipad with you it helps to kill time in transit (or a book if thats your thing)

Five Powers that Get Ideas off the Ground via HBR

Came a across a short & sweet article on HBR blogs, thought of sharing; “Five Powers that Get Ideas off the Ground”,

[1] Showing up: the power of presence.
[2] Speaking up: the power of voice.
[3] Teaming up: the power of partnering.
[4] Looking up: the power of values.
[5] Not giving up: the power of persistence.

    Breaking months of silence

    Its been awhile am writing a post, was busy, was traveling mostly was lazy. Lot happened during the past two months, I started reading for my masters in Management & Information Technology. Yeah I know !! “Management”, I wanted to explore that side of the story, since its with IT, I thought it will might come in handy at some point. Maybe I’ll be completely wrong πŸ˜‰

    I was in California (In San Francisco to be specific) for almost two months, providing consultancy for a customer. Was able to visit Google head office in mountain view and I was fascinated. Even I am back in SL and almost a month has passed by, I still couldn’t get back into writing. First I thought its my busy schedule, and that I do not have time, But then I got vacation. Now the one week long vacation has almost come to an end, and all what I have done is sleep, watch movies, read, tweet and sleep.
    I visited my blog once in awhile, and immediately closed the tab, with a guilty feeling for making it’s post calender so empty. So even this post contains nothing valuable, I wish it will make me start writing again.
    I should Tweet less and blog more !!!