Firefly theme song – Ballad of Serenity

After the break of the hectic exam fever, and with some days of good sleep I was digging the imdb and isohunt for some good movies. I suddenly realized that i wanted to find a song which happened to hear while watching the TV series firefly. I wanted to find this song and listen more clearly so I was googling for sometime and yeah i found it. The song is more or less a chorus, a chorus with a passion. So i was thinking why isn’t there a complete song for this. so I started Digging for a complete version of the ballad of serenity.

If i say few words about firefly and serenity. the 1st is the TV series and the 2nd is the Movie on that. This storyline is something not ordinary. It shows the future with all the ancient technology, and that where it catches the viewer. A huge spaceship with an ancient like engine, Gunfights among cowboys like people. its all so nicely done where you find a future with amusement.

Anyhow yeas I found it. I found the complete song. the song is written by Michelle Dockery, (2004) but the owner of the chorus is Joss Whedon (2002). Meaning that Michelle Dockery had composed a song for the ballad of serenity. the song is originally named as Mel’s Song.

with the post am sharing both the ballad and the complete song because i myself feel that the ballad has some hidden passion and the song is bit deferent on the feeling you get. how ever both are great piece of art.

Download ballad of serenity

Download Mal’s Song

The Last Samurai & the theme behind !!

Since I was writing all the technical and related posts all the way, Thought of writing something different. A great movie i happened to watch. Well the movie is pretty old and yeah this was my second time of watching it. It is The Last Samurai, I was pretty mad because The TV station did not put the subtitles for the Japanese dialogs , yet I figured out its great meaning. Last samurai is a movie which shows the ancient Japanese culture. But for me the movie was something different. It showed the great discipline people had those days and how discipline change people.

The movie Brings out topics such as discipline, respect and the way to earn great honer. It shows that a man’s death will be honed by the way he lived his life. In an indirect way the movie shows that people need some spiritual bond to mold their lives to a better and a meaning full one.

Its a tragic movie filled with a great meaning. So if you have still not watched it. Then i think you better, because I believe that Last samurai gives a new meaning to life.

AcSO version 1.0 Beta is released for Microsoft Imagine Cup

As my fellow team mate kasun had blogged… yeah after some long sleepless nights, we finally, able to produce a functional version of our great idea, “All in One” . AcSO is our web development entry for Microsoft Imagine Cup now competing on the second round. Why am saying its version 1.0 and Beta because, there are many more features yet to add in it., to achieve our All In One goal. How ever if it gets in to the final six, (as I think it will :)) you will see the next generation academic organizer, another great web 2.0 work.

you can vist AcSO on :

Great work Team Enterprise !!!

Busy as Never Before

It has been passed sometime, that i wrote my last post. I was very much busy running here and there working on some new things, studying for exams and writing documents on IT laws. The end of April and the month May as i never thought before am very much stuck with work. For some reason fortunately or unfortunately we have been selected for second round in Microsoft Imagine cup not under one category but under two . this made my and my team’s work double. For me i had some work in the company too. Then with that I am still completing some of my assignments in the university. If its some programming or involved with coding it could have being interesting but unfortunately its all about writing documents. about group work. BCS code of ethics and conduct IT laws and all sort of boring stuff.

Last week we finished and released the P2Pminds beta version and hosted under sandaruwan’s domain for testing. this is a web based knowledge sharing system we did for our Software Engineering group project. developed in PHP as usual and used some ajax validation.

Other than P2P am working on our Imagine cup projects mainly with the AcSO. Having some hands on experience with and yeah Visual studio .NET is awesome I have to mention. It does lot of automation you just drag and drop.. most of the things are done for you. We are thinking of Adding Some Microsoft Silverlight effects to the site to give some new look and to show off with the newest technology of web animation and data binding. So I will post the link to AcSO as soon as we hosted it in imagine cup server. Probably 18th of this month.

And yeah the GeoLink It is still in primary stages where we are checking out the mobile emulators coming with visual studio. Seems a lot of fun ahead.

Other than these Last two days I was studding from morning till the exam time for the BCS examinations. well I guess doing few past papers is all what you need to get through BCS.

so thats it for now I am hoping to write a post with some more value sooner.. maybe about .Net compact framework or some things about web parts.

Free Shopping cart & a simple web site

During Last two days I was engaged with some charity work or rather IT related charity work, doing a Shopping cart using I had to use which i was not familiar with before, SO i got the chance in feeling the environment. VB is not a hard language to catch up when you do know the principals of programming plus when you have plenty of online help.

Also Visual Studio is one great development environment to engage in any kind of development (large or small). Database connectivity, data handling and debugging is amazingly easy using this powerful CASE tool.

Since I did this project for my own satisfaction I thought of uploading it for the use of anyone who needs a shopping cart or a related example.

You can download it and use it for your own purpose…

Sinhala-Hindu New Year Greatings !!!

Sinhala-Hindu new year is one of the fascinating events around the globe, a ceremony which is celebrated in grand scale mainly in Sri Lanka. Unlike the western new year celebration this new year is very much bound with the eastern astrology, solely based on the route of the SUN.

when the sun moves from the Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries), Sinhala and Hindu people begin celebrating their New Year or Aluth Avurudhu (in Sinhala). There is no exact time every year as the western new year (December 31st), The Time and maybe the date sometimes is determined by the astrological signs.

The Sinhala – Hindu new year is tightly bound with the Sri Lankan culture where in most faming villages it is celebrated with their Harvest. People are happy, everything is new during this period. There is a belief that old enmity between families or individuals has to be ended with the new year. So that All the sri Lankans celebrate this day with harmony, and wishes every one a prosperous new year.

Suba Aluth Awrudak Wewa !!!

read more about Sinhala Aluth Awrudda at

Placing DHTML layers over the FLASH content

Adobe (Macromedia) Flash is one of the technologies we use to add fancy eye catching animations to our web sites. But after the resent development of Ajax, developers tend to blend CSS and JavaScript effects with those flash animations making their sites look more new or rather web 2.0 (ish).

For some time i was searching for a method to place DHTML layers over the Flash objects, yet i couldn’t find an article regarding this matter or rather i didn’t spend much time sweeping the NET regarding this. How ever For a web site I was doing recently I had to use the lightbox.js effect But again I met the problem of laying the DHTML layer over my flash content, Luckily in the troubleshooting part in the lightbox web page i found the path directing to the Adobe official site where this problem is wildly discussed.

As it says “Use the WMODE parameter to allow layering of Flash content with DHTML layers. The WMODE parameter can be ‘window’ (default), ‘opaque’, or ‘transparent’. Using a WMODE value of ‘opaque’ or ‘transparent’ will prevent a Flash movie from playing in the topmost layer and allow you to adjust the layering of the movie within other layers of the HTML document.”

You can gather more details at


Is it AJAX or FLASH ?

Today I was integrating some eye catching AJAX effects to one of the web sites I was developing, and one of my friend Told me “Nice Flash Effect”….. I smiled for a moment and thought it really is…

AJAX is Growing So fast that I feel sooner it will beet Macromedia FLASH animation what you include in your website. There are many AJAX frame works available to take use of and play with some great Javascript effects. What I was Using today for this perticular site is Adobe Spry framework , simply designed with great animations. This framework is so much trying to catch the flash like effects. It’s a wonderful situation that Current owners of Macromedia is doing such a thing and making the 1st move…

Again we are recognized as the world’s 11th

For the proposal we have submitted under the category of web development (The earlier post was about Software design Category) we were ranked as the world’s 11th. this is done using community voting process inĀ  the imagine cup community. It is time to compete for the second round developing our idea of AcSO (Academic status organizer).

Thanking you all for the support.

Create Your Web template as an Image and export it to a HTML

Well web designing is not my field though, I was engaged in few designing stuff whole last week. Mainly contributing in molding a theme to a web site . The stuff I am going to write is not so new to professional designers but for beginners it will be some help.

In web designing the most important task is to design the site template. In this case some beginners tend to do this by editing and writing HTML codes for all the stuff they want to include, for an example if you want to use some images or a small spacer image to add the shadow effect, what mistake you do is include them using tables or div tags manually. If you are using some kind of an IDE this task will be bit more easy. but yet there is an easer way.

What you have to do is, using Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia (Adobe) Fireworks design the template as an image. Add the pictures as you want. keep space for flash headers/banners. Basically create the whole page as an image. What you have to do next is using the “Slice” tool., Slice the image in to the separate areas where you want to edit.

Example : text areas, banner areas

Then Export the image as an HTML page. (FILE -> Export) and there you get the HTML out put as well as the sliced image peaces. Open the HTML page with you favorite IDE and remove the unwanted image areas and fill it with the same background color as it was in the image. leave the images which you want to add to your page and edit the rest of the page. The exported page is created using a table, so you can easily edit and add what you need in the deign process.