WSO2 User Engagement Server: How it kicked off from the whiteboard

We started re-engineering WSO2 Gadget Server during 2012 Winter. We were brainstorming of how we can change it to be more flexible and accommodate wider enterprise data/information presentation use-cases. We wanted to give more power to the developer, not just the ability to drag and drop widgets and select a layout. We wanted these pages to be discovered around the organization. With such ideas in mind we created multiple mind maps to get a clear idea

GS 2.0 Mindmap (Nov. 2012)

We had plenty of email debates, F2F meetings of what we need to do ? Are we there yet ? Is this what developers/business users need ? etc. We drew multiple versions of mock-up sequences of the product we need to build. They started from the whiteboard,

Final whiteboard version (Jan. 2013)

and then to the digital version. We had more debates and fine tuned the the idea and the concepts behind.

UES Mockups (Jan. 2013)
UES Mockups (Jan. 2013)

Since January we were wrighting code, doing feature bound milestones

UES Milestones

With many iterations we achieved perfection. We time bound our General Acceptance release to 11th, even-though we had more plans and features we wanted to add (which will come out in future releases).

Do checkout UES 1.0.0, download it, try it out and give us a shout.



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