Discovering Admin Services in a WSO2 (Carbon) Server

This should be a quick how-to type guide; This method will work in any Carbon Based WSO2 Server (AS, ESB, BPS etc). I am taking WSO2 ESB as the example.

      1. Download the ESB and extract it. (lets say I extracted to {ESB_HOME})
      2. You will want to see the service contracts once you discover them so navigate to

        and open carbon.xml

      3. make, HideAdminServiceWSDLs to false

        and save the document

      4. Start the ESB with OSGI Console
        sh {ESB_HOME}/bin/ -DosgiConsole
      5. Once the server is started, push few return keys (hit enter) to get the OSGI shell in the console
      6. In the OSGI shell type
        osgi> listAdminServices
      7. That will give a list of services as shown below,
      1. All right now you want to see the service contract, lets select “Authentication Admin” Service which is listed as
AuthenticationAdmin, AuthenticationAdmin,
    1. Take the url from the list and paste it in the browser with ?wsdl at the end, that will give the entire contract of the service

Happy Hacking 🙂



4 thoughts on “Discovering Admin Services in a WSO2 (Carbon) Server”

  1. Hi, when I test AuthenticationAdmin in SOAPUI, I m able to login, i.e., the login operation returns true, and ESB console shows logged in.
    But when I hit logout operation, nothing happens.
    Also I noticed that I dont get session ID in response header for login operation.
    Could you please explain me this.
    THanks and Regards.


    1. Hi Naveen,

      Logout is an in-only operation, so you will not see any response. The session ID is the cookie you get in the header, for subsequent calls you can use the cookie which is returned from the login operation




  2. Hi,
    I am trying to get a cookie with authenticateWithRememberMe service.
    I provided all the username and password, but it gives following error, What am I missing? There are thousands of properties to fill.

    For input string: “?”


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