WSO2Con is NOT just for “Hard Core” Techies

Well, maybe I am too late to write this post; but hopefully I will be able to discard a misconception in some of you. As you all know by now WSO2Con starts tomorrow and goes on till Friday (16/09). Its a great tech feast, and there weren’t many such in recent history in Sri Lanka. Maybe am not the best person to write all the good stuff about it and asking you to take my word. But if I forget the fact that I am a member of wso2 team, and look at it as a Sri Lankan techie, the agenda still sounds pretty awesome.

Yesterday I meat a friend of mine (lets say Bob 🙂 ) at a dinner, and Bob was saying, “you guys are doing a software conference right; I saw in media, sounds great !!”. I was head over heels (didnt wona say I am doing a talk; wanted to be bit modest 😉 ) I asked excitedly, “So are you coming ?”. But his reply surprised me. He said “Well I dont think its for us you know. Its too hard core; you guys are doing open source, SOA and cloud stuff. I don’t think we are there yet”. If I add little bit of context, Bob is the senior IT manager in a well reputed insurance company in Sri Lanka. So as I felt he had all the reasons to attend to WSO2Con.

I see several misconceptions in his comment, maybe people in Sri Lankan IT services (not directly software, but software is a supporting system like for IT systems for banks) industry are bit behind the game. For one, some people say SOA and Web Services are dead  🙂 it’s no news neither a buzz, Yes cloud stuff is kinda new, but you have it every where now, I guess its high time to check that out too. But whats so hard core about Open Source ??? !@#$.

So yeah WSO2Con is NOT just for “Hard Core” Techies. It certainly feels awesome that people think like that, but the truth is its a week of discussions on software systems. Maybe little bit more about distributed and service oriented systems, But isn’t everything distributed and service oriented these days ? :).

If you checkout the agenda its mostly about enterprise systems, issues in enterprise systems, how to solve them, how open source software can help and most of all, its a week of discussions on experience. Why experience in bold; well if you read the abstracts of many talks, its all about how people solved their enterprise integration problems. It a talk show of first hand experiences. There are, IT consultants, Architects and Visionaries coming from around the world to share there knowledge and experience. What else can you ask for ?

So I guess, if you are a manger who has even a slight influence in IT matters, this is something you goto check out; maybe you do have the same problems as some of these speakers had some time back. It would be a great opportunity to talk to them in person and get some insight.

Well hope I did make some change of your attitude; and I do hope to see you :).

FYI you can still register at


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