Long time no see !!

Well yeah I am back… I know things have gone gray.. my technorati ranking has gone down.. my readers are disappointed.. Okey.. So here I plead for forgiveness….

Well for past 3 months I was so sunk in work.. the new project which i am working on right now.. made the days fly so soon… any how.. the things i learnt cannot be written in one blog post..and yeah its not yet finish… I thought of writing a post today.. for few reasons..

I didn’t want anyone to think that I gave-up writing… One of the friendly bloggers threaten me to start writing again.. and yeah I wanted to deliver the news about “SLBOLGS“.

well what can i say about SLBlogs… In few words if i describe…Its a journal with many authors… I know the concept is not so new, but well i see this as a nice place where most of the Sri Lankan Bloggers meet..or rather share there ideas to the whole world.. So yeah its Open for you too.. subscribe with SLBlogs… I hope it will be fun..

Any how, No promises i can make when i will write my next post yet… A lot to scribble… So until then..

Cheers !!


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